My shop is a combination of handmade items, re-designed and DIY re-purposed items I change up to give my own style to help meet your keepsake needs.

I am a Mother of 3 beautiful daughters ~ Cat and kitten (all animal) foster mom.

I too was on the hunt for a cremation keepsake when my beloved sheep dog Juliet passed away. When I struggled to find jewelry that was unique, pretty, affordable and discreet,  I decided to assemble my own.

My story:
After my beloved Old English Sheepdog, Juliette, passed away at 13 from bone cancer, I was heartbroken. I'm teary as I write this. She was my heart, my every minute companion, my best friend... I had found her at the animal shelter while looking for one of my lost cats, the day before she was to be euthanized. It seemed to be, we were meant to meet.

I have fostered kittens for over 25 years. I called Juliette my "kitty mommy." Whenever I would bring in new kittens to bottle feed or bring back to health to adopt out, she became so excited! She took every baby in as if it were her own. Cleaning, sleeping with, and watching over every last one. When I would say to her, "Juliette - we are getting a new baby" she would whimper in excitement and hop around. Her beautiful fluffy tail would wag in big circles. She was my gentle giant.

Even towards the end of her illness, it was only the babies that would make her tail wag. She would wearily lift her head to give them a lick. It seemed that the kitties knew she was ill, and would huddle all around her and up against her to sleep, as if they were keeping watch over her now.

After her passing, I carried a piece of her soft grey and white hair tucked in my shirt every where I went. Stopping to feel it between my fingers when in thought of her.

I began to look for something to keep it in, but nothing seemed pretty enough with the budget that I could afford. I found these little crystal hearts and had some glass beads from an old bracelet. Although I have always been a "crafty" person, making gifts for others all my life - I had never really made jewelry before.

I figured out how to piece it together and I loved it! I received so many compliments, and had friends ask me to make them something. After giving away about 15 pieces - I decided to list a couple for sale. Within a week they all sold! That is how I started.

To date, I have been able to give vet care to, and spay and neuter over 300 cats or kittens that have been re-homed! This is where I spend the profits for many specific pieces, in honor of the love that Juliette and I shared for 13 years, while caring for the babies together. Things have never been the same without her.

Thank you for reading my story

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